Your Child's First Dental Visit


Did you know that The America's Dental Association and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that the your baby's first dental visit should occur within six months after the first tooth appears, but no later than your child's first birthday?

Baby teeth are extremely important to your child’s health and development. They hold space for adult teeth that are developing under the gums and will start erupting around 6 years of age.  If a baby tooth is lost prematurely due to decay or infection, the permanent teeth will not erupt in the right place and will drift into empty spaces. This could lead to a variety of problems, such as crooked and crowded teeth, which is turn could contribute to periodontal disease. That's why it's so important to start brushing your child's teeth as soon as they erupt.  

It's a good idea to start wiping your baby's gums with gauze as soon as they are born, in order to get them used to cleaning that part of the mouth. As soon as they get their first tooth, which happens around 6 months of age, it's recommended to visit a dentist.  Having a child's first dental visit early, will get them used to the dental chair and prevent "fear of the dentist" in the future. Your dentist will also teach you how to properly clean your baby's teeth and help deal with bad habits, like thumb sucking.

In the same way that pediatricians are trained to meet a child’s medical needs, our pediatric dental specialist is uniquely qualified to protect your child’s oral health using the most advanced techniques, and all in our delightfully friendly family practice in Malden Square. Pediatric dentists have an additional two to three years of training at university pediatric facilities in addition to four years of dental school and four years of college study. They master how to deal with the behavioral aspects of children, how to make them feel comfortable, making their experience pleasant. They are also trained and qualified to treat special needs patients. Simply put, a Pedodontist has the finesse to treat children. Our Pedodontist, Dr Hubert Park, works on some Saturdays to make it more convenient for parents to be present during their child's dental visits.