Comprehensive Exam and Treatment Planning


Here at D2 Dental, we believe that every person can achieve optimal dental health.   Our knowledgeable team will help you not only address, but understand the issues you may be experiencing and to prevent them from occurring in the future.  We believe in teaching every patient about their oral health, as much as they wish to learn.  With the help of digital x-ray systems and intra-oral cameras, we will make sure you understand everything we recommend and why.  No question is ever too silly or too long- we take pride in educating our patients!

If you have a specific issue you would like us to address, we will gladly do so, but we always recommend looking at the bigger picture and addressing the whole mouth.  Everything in the body is connected, as it is in the mouth.  A missing tooth on the lower jaw, could cause the opposite tooth on the upper to super-erupt (drop) and may eventually lead to additional extractions.  If the gums are swollen and bleeding, resulting dental dental work may not have as good a long term prognosis because the jawbone and gums are the foundation of the teeth.

During your first visit you will get a thorough cleaning, your gums will be measured for “pockets” to make sure you're not at risk of periodontal disease, your radiographs (dental x-rays) will be taken and reviewed with you by the doctor.  The doctor will screen you for oral cancer and any potential lesions/abnormalities. If there are issues/questions, intra oral photos will be taken and reviewed with you.  A treatment plan will be created and Carolina or Emily will go over it with you in detail at the end of your appointment. If you are interested in whitening and/or Invisalign to straighten your teeth, options will be reviewed with you.  And lastly, the doctor and the hygienist will answer any questions you may have.  We look forward to meeting you!