When a tooth can no longer be saved, it is deemed "hopeless" and a tooth extraction is needed.  There are a lot of different reasons for needing a tooth extraction, ranging from impacted wisdom teeth, caries beyond the bone level, tooth broken or decayed to the root, or a crack in the root of the tooth.  When a patient does not wish to save an infected tooth with a root canal, and extraction option is also given to them.  Here at D2 Dental, we have been extensively trained to do most of the extractions ourselves, for the exception of impacted wisdom teeth.  If someone has wisdom teeth that need an extraction that are under the gums, we refer those cases to a reputable oral surgeon. 

Teeth extraction is usually not a difficult procedure.  However, if someone has an extensive medical history, has a condition such as uncontrolled diabetes, or is on medications that can impair healing such as Coumadin, we always have to get clearance from their primary care physician before the procedure. The tooth is made numb, using local anesthesia such as Lidocaine,