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Flouride is a natural occurring mineral that plays a big role in strengthening our enamel (the outer coating of our teeth).  Our enamel is in constant state of demineralization and re-mineralization. When you eat something acidic or sugary, the acid present in food or produced by the bacteria that are present your mouth, de-mineralize that enamel.  Demineralized enamel is weak and allows bacteria to get inside the tooth.  Weakend enamel can chip off, causing a piece of your tooth to break off. One of the ways to help prevent this from happening, along with frequent brushing and flossing, is topical application of Flouride to your teeth. Think of Flouride like vitamins for your teeth. The mineral gets incorporated into the weakened enamel, making is stronger and less susceptible to damage.

You may remember getting flouride treatments (either tray and gel or topical varnish) at the dental office when you were a kid.  We recommend a flouride varnish every 6 months for all adults and children to prevent cavities.  Some people who have an extremely high caries risk, may require prescription toothpaste and rinses with extra flouride.