Oral Hygiene Instructions

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Let's talk about keeping those teeth healthy and clean. We recommend brushing twice per day,  and flossing once, at the very least! Flossing and brushing, ideally, should be done after every meal.  If you cannot do it after every meal, we recommend brushing for 2 minutes during the morning, flossing and then brushing for 2 minutes after dinner right before bedtime.  Make sure you don't eat anything after you floss and brush at night, otherwise the food will just sit between and on your teeth the whole night!  Your oral bacteria will be very happy to have food for the night, as a bi-product lactic acid will be formed which will decalcify your teeth, causing cavities and bacteria will multiply causing bad breath.

We recommend an electric toothbrush, as it cleans your teeth 10x better than the manual one. Also, chances are you are only brushing for 30 seconds or so with a manual, while an electric has a 2 minute timer and it will even tell you when to switch to the next quadrant of your mouth.  Sonicare is our favorite brand, but Oral B is also good.  Most people brush too hard, so what we like about sonicare is it has a pressure sensor and it will alert you when you are pressing too hard and prevent you from damaging your gums causing recession and tooth sensitivity.  Whichever toothbrush you choose, we recommend to use a soft head only.  Remember, its not how hard you brush, but the length and frequency that makes a difference.